Alyson Stoner Talks Music, School, and More

Acting, singing, songwriting, dancing, modeling—Alyson Stoner is doing it all! Stoner is a 23-year-old who’s been in the limelight since she was six years old. From being featured in successful TV shows, films, music videos, and recording her own music, Stoner has excelled in everything she’s done. Most recently, Stoner released her highly anticipated EP (extended play recording) “While You Were Sleeping” across all digital platforms. “I am really thrilled with this compilation,” she says. “The song ‘Mine’ has no auto-tune, no polishing, and it’s completely raw. It’s revealing a lot of different sides of me.” When Alyson isn’t in the studio or on tour, she serves as head of music on the QWunder app, an educational program designed to teach parents and kids about social and emotional intelligence. Music is a huge element of Alyson’s life and has brought her success through song and dance.

Growing up, Stoner was homeschooled. “My homeschool program was set up to encourage and inspire me to rise up to the responsibility of doing a lot of learning myself. Overall, it cultivated a sense of taking initiative and it carried into everything that I’ve pursued in my life,” says Stoner. “I graduated at the age of 14, and it provided such an opportunity to go at my own pace and really tailor my learning.” In addition to her schooling, she was able to pursue her goals and succeed within the entertainment industry. One of the many things that Stoner is known for is her awesome dance moves. She has appeared as a dancer in several music videos, notably Missy Elliot’s “Work It,” “Gossip Folks,” “I’m Really Hot,” Eminem’s “Just Lose It,” and “No Tengo Dinero” by the Kumbia Kings. In 2015, she released a dance tribute video to Missy Elliot featuring a medley of Missy Elliot videos that she had danced in. The video received 12 million views in the first week.

Stoner possesses a great deal of resilience and perseverance. She never backs down and is a great role model for today’s youth. Not only does she encourage people to reach for the stars, but she also believes that every gift should be cultivated. “I would encourage personal development, so you’re aware of your own drivers and motives. Focus on the craft,” says Stoner. “Be willing to take risks and explore. Be willing to have the path unfold in whichever way.” She acknowledges that a lot has changed since she first jumped into the entertainment industry 16 years ago. Social media, the Internet, and so many other factors now come into play and influence the culture.

Whether she’s dancing, acting, or singing Stoner has solidified herself as a star. Her willingness to never back down is inspirational. Her accomplishments prove that anything is possible, and that’s exactly what she wants today’s youth to understand. “Be willing to take risks and explore. I’ve realized that most of my work isn’t going to be blockbuster films, but if you focus on the art then the rest will fall into place.”

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