5 Effective Resources for AP Exam Prep

Studying for any test can be stressful, and preparing for AP exams is no exception. There is additional pressure on high school students because grades in college prep courses, such as Advanced Placement (AP), are cited as one of the most important factors in the college admissions process by admissions counselors. Ivy League admissions counselors, in particular, want to see that students challenge themselves and  have a genuine love for learning. 

With that in mind, take a look at the resources below that will help students maximize their abilities, reduce stress, and ultimately be as prepped as possible on exam day.

ap exam prep app

13 Mobile Apps for AP Exam Prep

The apps are available in iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon AppStore. They include 18 to 106 topics per course and up to four modules for all parts of the AP exam, including:


How to Prepare for AP Exams

From new apps to other digital resources, here are some steps for students to prepare for AP exams as well as tips for taking the exams.


Reduce Test Anxiety

Students around the world are preparing for AP Exams. Although preparing for these exams can be stressful, it can also reduce test anxiety on the big day.

Avoiding Student Burnout

Avoiding Student Burnout

Students can suffer from burnout as the school year draws to a close. Find out how they can avoid it and stay focused.

How To Combat Student Stress

How to Combat Students’ Stress

Students’ stress is the highest it’s ever been. Learn how to respond to stress in your student.

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