Eight Things Every Student Should Know Before Choosing a College 

Choosing which college to attend is a momentous decision. You will spend the next few years of your life there studying, building friendships, and participating in events and extracurricular activities. But one size does not fit all. How do you know if you picked the right school? Find your place in higher education using these helpful tips: 

  • Determine your priorities: Before you start your search, think about what you want most from a college. You should consider the location, size, academic programs, campus culture, extracurricular activities, and financial aid options.  
  • Research online: Use college search engines like BigFuture and Naviance to find colleges that match your preferences. College websites also provide a lot of helpful information that can help narrow down your search.  
  • Talk to your high school counselor: Get help navigating the college selection process by working with your high school counselor. They can provide resources and tips for finding the best options for your academic goals. 
  • Attend college fairs and events: Learn about different schools by speaking with representatives at college fairs. These events are created to give prospective students an opportunity to ask questions and explore their options. 
  • Talk to current college students: If you know someone who is currently attending a college you’re interested in, ask them about their experience. You’ll get valuable insight into campus life and academic programs.  
  • Consider your budget: College can be expensive, so it’s important to consider your budget when searching for a college. Look for schools that offer financial aid, scholarships, or other resources that help make college more affordable.  
  • Visit campuses: Get a glimpse into campus life by scheduling a tour and seeing all that the college has to offer. Walking on a college campus and experiencing its classes, facilities, events, and culture will give you an up-close view of student life.  
  • Narrow down your options: Once you’ve gathered information about several colleges, make a list of your top choices. Compare factors like location, academic programs, and financial aid to help narrow down your options.  

It’s okay if you are not yet sure where you see yourself attending college. Take your time finding the best option for your goals and needs. And once you find the right place for you, get ready for an exciting academic journey. 

For more resources and information on preparing for college, visit the K12 College Prep Center.

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