Class Acts of 2014: Graduate Turned Tennis Pro

This series, Class Acts of 2014, features inspiring online education graduates with promising futures and showcases how individualized, award-winning curriculum and technology enabled these students’ success.

How does a high school student graduate as a tennis pro? Flexibility in his schooling and, of course, hard work.

Ernesto Escobedo just graduated from iQ Academy California-Los Angeles and has emerged with a promising career in tennis.

He chose to switch to an online school because of his dedication to tennis. iQ Academy gave him the flexibility in his schedule that he needed to practice for three hours a day and attend several competitions each month. As a pro, he will now compete twice a month around the world.

Ernesto says his proudest moment in school was when he achieved a 4.0 in his junior year. He thanks iQ Academy for teaching him a valuable life lesson:

“It taught me to stay on pace, don’t fall behind, don’t give into distractions, stay focused.”

Ernesto is considering attending college in a few years, but first he will focus on his pro tennis career.

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