Olympic Profiles: Snowboarder Shaun White Aims for Gold in Sochi

Champion Snowboarder Shows That Hard Work and Big Dreams Can Pay Off

It all started when he was six. First skateboarding, then skiing, then snowboarding. Snowboarding stuck, and his career would later take off. I’m talking of course about two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White.

He took home gold in the 2006 Olympics and then again in 2010 in the snowboard half-pipe event. He made history in 2010 in Vancouver when he had already clinched the gold but had one more run to do, where he performed the difficult and impressive Double McTwist 1260.

Shaun is always pushing the boundaries of snowboarding and working to invent new tricks. He always wants to be improving his skills and pushing himself further. As he told CBS This Morning:

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been trying to better myself as an athlete. It’s almost like playing in music in a waythe simple song won’t cut it anymore. You need something more advanced, and that’s kind of where snowboarding gives me an outlet, I can really try to push myself.

He has also competed in the ESPN Winter X Games, where he has won a medal every year since 2002. He became the first person to score a perfect 100 in the men’s snowboard Superpipe in the history of the X-Games.

In his personal life, Shaun plays lead guitar in a band, which he says gives him a different experience of being part of a team as opposed to snowboarding individually. As he gets ready to conquer the half-pipe, he often listens to Led Zeppelin, which I very much appreciate.

Shaun is also heavily involved in charity work. He has helped St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Boys & Girls Club of America, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Target House, and Stand Up for Skateparks. Through soliciting donations, creating events, and getting sponsorships, Shaun has produced positive and ongoing results to make a big impact on these organizations.

In the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Shaun will be defending his gold medal in the half-pipe. He will also be competing in a new eventSlopestyle, which is a series of jumps in one run.

We are excited to see Shaun compete this year and hope he can bring home another gold medal for the United States.

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