Turning Your Child Into a Little Olympian

With the Olympics currently underway, we have the perfect chance to not only bond watching our athletes around the television, but by teaching our little ones about what it really means to be an Olympian. Olympians don’t just have to be athletes! Your kiddo can be an Olympian at whatever they choose to do by sharing some of the same values exhibited by this year’s Olympic athletes! Here are just 5 things to encourage within your children this summer to see them become their best selves:


When learning something new, it can be especially easy for children to get frustrated with themselves when they make mistakes. It’s important to remember that every Olympian once started out as a newbie in their craft. One of the best ways to promote success in your child’s life is to congratulate them on the little wins and remind them that mistakes are not failures. They are simply opportunities to learn!



The only way that Olympic athletes can get so good at what they do is because they love it! Allowing your child, the space and time to find out what they are passionate about will allow them to discover their personal strengths. After they learn what it is that they love, encourage them to dedicate some of their energy to growing in and learning more about their craft! For extra passionate children, online schooling could be a great option to allow for extra time practicing what they love! Even Simone Biles believes that homeschooling children “is a decision that can help you attain a dream.”



Even athletes participating in individual sports have to learn to have a team-based mindset. After all, they are just one member of Team USA. Putting your child in some group-based activities is a great way to teach them selflessness, compromise, and expose them to new perspectives. This can in turn help them grow emotionally, socially, and within whatever activity it is that they choose to commit their time to.


Knowing When to Rest

Every professional athlete faces the problem of asking themselves when is it an appropriate time to take a break. Whether it be because of bodily fatigue, emotional burnout, or any other number of things that could happen, rest is important. Without the opportunity for a break, it becomes especially difficult for children to remember why they started doing whatever sport or activity they are in: because they love it!


Positive Self-Talk

No matter how supportive your family may be for your child, the most important lesson they could ever learn is to be their own biggest fan. In sports, school, and the work-place, there will always be conflict and competition. Having your child say out loud something that they are good at or something that they like about themselves everyday gives them a sound foundation of self-love and a reason to keep trying every day!


Whatever it is that your child loves to do, these 5 positive values will be sure to set them up for success. If you’re interested in more family living and parenting advice, check out the rest of the Learning Liftoff website! We offer educational games, family inspiration, and parenting advice to all who come our way. If your little learner is especially interested in devoting extra time to their craft, check out Stride K12 to help them become the next Arielle Gold!

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