Eight Examples of Rewarding Moments for K12 Families

Many students and families have told us how K12 has changed their lives. This week, we asked our Facebook followers, What has been the most rewarding moment so far in your home education experience?

Their answers were certainly inspiring. Here are the top eight rewarding moments that these families have experienced.

  1. No longer having to deal with bullies. Erin says that her son is now much more relaxed and anxiety-free.
  2. Kids with disabilities coming alive and thriving. Jenna says that her autistic son is now dancing around the house to music and laughing.
  3. Greatly improving grades. Michelle tells us that her son was failing all subjects before K12, and now he has an average of 90% or better on all assessments.
  4. Self-confidence. Denise shares: When I’m explaining to my son how to do an assignment and he looks over at me and says, ‘I got this!!!’ with so much confidence!! Since we started K12 his self-confidence has soared!!
  5. Spending more time with their kids and being around for milestones in their life and education. Kristi shares: Rather than having a teacher send home notes about what he’s learning, I get to be there for those moments. As a former classroom teacher who shared those moments with others’ children, it’s been absolutely amazing to share them with my son.
  6. Kids being motivated and enthusiastic about learningseeing the smiles on their faces when they succeed. Becca is excited about her sons talking excitedly about history and science lessons in detail and remembering what they learn.
  7. Having the time and freedom to practice their religion.
  8. Kids being challenged and excited to dive in and master the material. Becki says that for the first time in eight years her daughter is being challenged. She loves how individualized the learning is.

If you’re enrolled with a K12 school, we invite you to share your rewarding moments by commenting below. Your rewarding moment may inspire others to make a needed change in their lives.

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