31 Simple Acts of Kindness: Saying No to Bullying

Bullying is an epidemic in our country, but it is not exclusive to kids on the playground. Adults and children of all ages are impacted by bullying, especially as technology and social communication channels have made it so much easier and more widespread.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and there are many issues related to bullying that are worth discussing and bringing awareness to. Perhaps, though, one of the best ways to combat bullying is to focus on kindness. If people begin to treat each other with respect and become more intentional in making others feel valued and appreciated, maybe we can start to see a decline in bullying and an empowerment of bully victims.

This month, we want to challenge you to take part in 31 Simple Acts of Kindness. Every day in October, use this calendar to focus on one simple act that you and your child can do in order to fight bullying with kindness. We have included a black and white version for your child to color or to make printing easier, as well as a color version for your convenience.

Share your pictures and stories using the hashtags #SimpleActsK12 and #SayNoToBullying, and together let’s use simple acts to make a big difference in the battle against bullying!





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