New Children’s Books to Look for in 2015

Updated from original post on April, 29th 2015.

Some great children’s books are hitting the shelves in early 2015 and the “Dozi the Alligator” series is one of them.

Written by K12 Senior Visual Designer Daniel Boris, the books will both entertain and teach important lessons to young readers.

During his day job, the author works with teachers and content specialists to create K12 curriculum—making sure the content is visually appealing and easy for students to understand.

Boris’s idea for his new book series is inspired by his comic strip, Hoxwinder Hall, in which a little alligator named Dozi stows away with a family after their vacation in Florida. The strip follows Dozi and the Hoxwinders’ son, Byron, through the adventures of an alligator living in the human world.

Realizing that Dozi resonated with readers, Daniel thought that a younger audience would enjoy the lovable gator and decided to try his hand at writing a children’s book. There are now six books scheduled to be released in 2015, which children of all ages are sure to enjoy.

In addition to the entertainment and fun of following Dozi, Boris said that an underlying message of the books is that:

“Creativity and imagination are a very good thing to encourage and develop, no matter how old you are. Ideas are the things that change the world, so always keep your mind open to thinking differently because that is where inspiration is born.”

You can learn more about Boris and Dozi’s happenings on the author’s Facebook page as well as Twitter and be sure to check out Dozi the Alligator Finds a Family when it hits shelves on May 12th.

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