Video: 4 Steps to Dealing with a Bully

It can sometimes be hard to talk to your children about bullying. It may be helpful to have some outside help to reinforce what you’re telling them.

The video below is great to show younger kids and has an overview of what children can do when they are bullied or see someone being bullied. They suggest:

  • Step in with your friends. Tell the bully you won’t be friends with them if they don’t stop.
  • When bullied, tell the bully to leave you alone and walk to where there are other kids around.
  • Tell your parent or a teacher.
  • Make a list of adults that you would trust to go to in a bullying situation.

[embedvideo id=”SyR8jnvdgyE” website=”youtube”]

To read more about bullying and National Bullying Awareness Month, check out our post on Preventing Bullying in Five Unexpected Steps and a fun way to help prevent your child from bullying—with kindness.

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