Is the ‘Need for Speed’ Movie Kid Friendly?

The Need for Speed movie is based on the popular video game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) and, as one would expect, features gorgeous cars and intense race scenes. But parents might want to consider additional details before taking the kids to the theater. Here they are:

Basic Information

Director: Scott Waugh

Stars: Aaron Paul & Dominic Cooper

Rating: PG-13

Run Time: 2 hours, 10 minutes

Is the Need For Speed movie violent?

The movie consists of several crash scenes, one of which a character dies. The character isn’t shown, but the knowledge of what is happening inside the car it could be disturbing. In another scene, a shotgun is used to shoot up a car.  Near the end of the movie, a character suffers a broken arm in a crash and goes to the hospital. Minor injuries are shown in the movie, but nothing bloody.

Is the Need for Speed movie educational?

Anyone with a passion for cars can appreciate the inner workings of the vehicles. There is only one scene in which “the guts” of the cars are discussed. For the most part, this movie sticks to high adrenaline and thrills versus car appreciation that would offer some educational value.

Is there bad language?

The ‘S’ word is used several time, and the group of friends will jokingly call each other the ‘B’ word.

Is there nudity?

In one scene, a characters strips down and his bare behind is shown.  The scene is comical rather than sexual and lasts about a minute.

Kids should see this movie if:

They have a passion for cars. The star of the show is the Shelby Mustang, but the film features everything from Gran Turinos to Bugattis, though not all of them survive to the end.

They’ve played the games. The Need for Speed games have always incorporated some kind of story, and this movie could easily be the plot line for one of the games. You’ll even see cameos in the movie. Despite the product placement, the movie doesn’t seem like a commercial.

Kids should not see this movie if:

You’re against glorified crime. While the protagonist could be considered virtuous, he is a street racer. The movie’s entire plot revolves around this illegal act and it is glorified as something that is okay and cool.

They’re sensitive to loud noises. There is a whole lot of engine revving and car crashing going on in the film.

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Note: This information applies only to the Need for Speed movie. There are more than 30 Need for Speed games with various ratings.

Image by Jorgeroyan, via Wikimedia Commons

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