Is Guardians of the Galaxy OK for Kids?

The newest entry to the Marvel adaptations releases today. Your child is most likely begging to see the film. You may have seen the trailers and think this film is just a mindless action movie. It is definitely that, but behind the explosions this film also has good morals, unique characters, and a great story.

Basic Info

Director: James Gunn

Stars: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista

Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for some language

Time: 121 minutes

How Violent is Guardians of the Galaxy?

Most of the action in the film is appropriate for all ages, but there are a few intense scenes that show characters in personal pain. Two of these scenes involve androids (half human, half robot): one android is injured and you watch the process of it fixing itself which can be a little creepy, the other you witness a character remove the android’s chip from the side of its head. Sparks, not blood, fly and the android shuts down. In a third scene, a character can not harness a power source, and is broken apart from the inside by a bright light. An explosion of light happens before the scene becomes graphic.

There is fighting and brawling, but its choreographed and fun to watch as opposed to just watching people getting pummeled.  The weapons used in the film are all lasers so when someone gets “shot” they are stunned or propelled instead of wounded.

The big action set pieces are fun. There are intergalactic battles and futuristic dog fights, but there aren’t any scenes in which you witness someone die.

[embedvideo id=”2LIQ2-PZBC8″ website=”youtube”] 

Is there profanity?

There are some uses, but no “F” word. There are three uses of the “S” word, one use of the “B” word as well as some crude terms. There is a scene in which  a character gives someone the finger. Almost every scene that involves profanity is comical in that they are used as punchlines, and not out of anger or malice.

Is there explicit content?

There are some references that younger kids would not understand. They would most likely go over a young kids head. For instance, a fully dressed female alien is aboard a ship and a character makes the reference that they forgot she was there. At no point do characters even kiss or touch in an explicit manner in the film.

Is it educational?

The film is morally educational more than it is scholastically educational. There is a heavy emphasis on standing by your friends, and doing the right thing. One character is somewhat of a mad scientist who is able to improvise and put together inventions on the fly.

Your child should see this movie if:

  • They’ve seen other Marvel movies, or read the comics. In terms of “negative” content this film is on average or below in terms of what other Marvel films have done.
  • You want a good summer film.  Other films that have come out this summer have great action and comedy, but this film also has great characters and a great story. This Halloween you can expect there to be a lot of Star Lords, Gamoras and Rocket Racoons.
  • The actors that portray the characters are good role models. View the clip below to hear Chris Pratt saying he’d love to visit hospitals in character (@4:30)

[embedvideo id=”N-bHiq2NeZQ” website=”youtube”]

Your child should not see this movie if:

  • They are uncomfortable with death. In the beginning of the film, someone passes away in the hospital.
  • Your child has epilepsy. The action pieces are intense with all types of explosions, lasers, and shields. However, the film is available in IMAX 3D as well as the standard version.

Again, if you are comfortable with a few instances of cursing, and aren’t expecting it to be educational, this may be your child’s favorite movie this summer.

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