President’s Parental Checklist Promotes Better School Communication

Communication. Parents need it with their kids, but they also need it with their kids’ schools, teachers, and administrators in order to get the most out of any educational environment.

Because of this, the Obama administration has released a “Parental Checklist” of questions that parents should be asking those who educate their children. Among the areas covered by the checklist: how student progress is measured, school safety, and student engagement. The checklist also reminds parents to speak with their children about their school environment and their education. The goal: improved school communication.

“I have never met a parent who doesn’t want the best for their child,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said, upon release of the checklist. “However, it can be hard for families to know how to support their child’s education. Engaging with their educators is a good place to start.”

Many schools reach out to parents and families just prior to the beginning of classes or during the first days that school is back in session. Teachers routinely reach out to students during the first days of classes. The checklist aims to keep those lines of school communication from becoming lost amid the piles of homework and housework.

One of the many benefits of K12 network schools is the ongoing engagement and communication to help students get the best education possible according to their individual needs.

David Crook, head of school for Cyber Academy of South Carolina, says his teachers “really focus on making sure that expectations are made clear to the families. As long as the lines of communication are kept open by the staff and the families, real progress can be made. That is why it is so critical to really make an effort to build the relationship at the beginning of the year.”

As previously reported by Learning Liftoff, positive teacher-student relationships can promote the desire to learn, improve behavior issues, and increase the likelihood of academic success.

The newly released Parental Checklist offers the following five “key questions” to ask at your child’s school.

  • Quality: Is my child getting a great education?
  • Ready for Success: Will my child be prepared to succeed in whatever comes next?
  • Safe and Healthy: Is my child safe and cared for at school?
  • Great Teachers: Is my child engaged and learning every day?
  • Equity and Fairness: Does my child, and every child at my child’s school or program, have the opportunity to succeed and be treated fairly?

K12 schools place high value on all those questions and more, encouraging students to learn at their own pace in a safe and cordial environment with teachers who stay involved. Contact a K12 enrollment consultant to learn about how one of our local network schools in your state can help your child succeed.

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