A Student’s Journey of Success in Online Education

Families enroll their children in an online education program for many different reasons. For students, it can mean getting out of a bad learning environment, creating flexibility during the day, getting a head start in college, or acting as a haven for students with physical or mental challenges.

One student says that getting her education online and the flexibility it provided have allowed her to succeed where she was not in the classroom. It is something she encourages others to consider.

“Try it out; it can’t harm you in any way. It takes some getting used to, but it’s totally worth it,” says Brynn, an Idaho Technical Career Academy senior. “In the end, I am so grateful that I did it, and it was a really great experience overall.”

Brynn is this year’s salutatorian at ITCA and is in the business management program. She enrolled at ITCA when she was a sophomore to help her better manage her anxiety and dyslexia, which was making it hard to succeed in the classroom.

“Something that I was nervous about coming into online schooling was the fact that I really wouldn’t have that teacher/student relationship,” she said. “I like to be close to them and ask a lot of questions. That was something that I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to do, but for online school, it is just so good the environment.”

Brynn says the program is helping her develop leadership skills and how to rely on others while working in a remote environment like online learning. The program also included a mentorship program where Brynn followed human resources professionals, an area of management she would like to explore more as a career path.

While attending ITCA, she had the opportunity to participate in Business Professionals of America, where she focused on business ethics to help her pursue her career goals of getting into human resources and business management. That was just one of the extracurricular activities Brynn participated in as a high school student.

Online school gives the most options for a learning environment. Enroll your child in a K12 online school, so they’ll get the most out of learning and make time for their passions.

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