15 Incredible Experiences You Won’t Find in a Traditional Classroom

The opportunity for online education at home offers incredible learning experiences that you may not find in a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom.  Here are fifteen experiences that families with Stride K12 tell us are what they value as unique to their child’s online education experience.

1) Free movement during class

The theory behind kinesthetic learning is that some students learn best when they’re on the move—something they can rarely do while they are sitting in a traditional classroom.

2) Virtual coffee time with other parents across the nation

Coffee shops have long been a place for people to gather and chat over cappuccinos and croissants. Now that this space has gone digital, parents of online learners can connect regardless of how many miles separate them.

3) Access to an extensive list of course offerings , including courses for dual credit

Online courses are not limited by how much space is in a school building, which enables Stride K12 to offer a wide range of courses. Some of these can do double duty so that students can earn college credit at the same time.

4) Flexibility to pursue your child’s passions

While school is important to every child’s development, it is not necessarily the centerpiece of each student’s life. The more flexibility students have, the more freedom they have to pursue their greatest passions.

5) Unlimited access to your child’s learning experience and progress

Between all of your children’s different subjects and assignments, it can be difficult to keep up with what is going on with their schooling. That changes, though, when their classroom is at home, and you can see them learn in real time and witness their growth over time.

6) Experience the joy of “aha” moments in your child’s learning

One of the most gratifying aspects of teaching is the ability to watch the lightbulb go off when a new idea clicks for students. Now, parents can see (and sometimes help facilitate) those “aha” moments.

7) Increased family time

For many busy families, very little of their time outside of school and work overlaps. Not only are online learners able to spend more time with their families, but they also have more shared experiences since their parents can be more involved with their education at home.

8) Education that can travel with you almost anywhere

When students are learning online, the world becomes their classroom. They can learn while they are on the road or while getting comfortable on the couch at home.

9) Free summer camps for high school students

For many students, some of their favorite learning experiences do not happen in school, but instead in the summer camps they attend over the summer.

10) Meet and build relationships with students and parents across your state and the US

Thanks to clubs, organizations, and social media groups, families powered by Stride K12 are able to create their own communities outside of the classroom.

11) Rigorous, interactive curriculum in a high-quality online school

There is a science to online curriculum and instructional design, and that science is constantly evolving. Between skilled instructors and innovative curriculum, students using Stride K12 curriculum have multiple ways to stay engaged in what they are learning.

12) Homeschooling with teacher support

While teachers may not be in the same physical room as their students, they are always with them in the form of comprehensive support for students and parents alike.

13) Physical materials shipped to your door

You can avoid the long lines when back-to-school shopping season comes around. Instead, the physical materials your child needs will be shipped right to your door.

14) Bonding with and learning from pets

“This is what our Friday classes look like. I love that my kids have the freedom to learn everyday life outside of a brick and mortar building. Three-day-old chicks and dog sitting for family.”  -Jennifer Frost

15) A lifelong learning journey that includes college and career prep in high school, as well as adult career programs after graduation

A good education teaches students the content they need to know, but a great education prepares students to succeed well after they graduate.

If you are considering your child’s educational options, Stride K12 offers these incredible experiences and more.  Explore schools available in your area using Stride K12’s School Finder.


This article has been revised and republished

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