Top Signs That Your Child is an Advanced Learner

Is your child an advanced learner?

Advanced learners may find it difficult to be challenged in a brick-and-mortar school. They often benefit from the ability to take more advanced courses in specific subjects. This flexibility allows them to reach their full potential and learn at their own accelerated pace.

But how do you know if a child is an advanced learner? K¹² recently shared the Top 5 Signs that You Have an Advanced Learner to help parents identify if advanced courses would be a good fit for their child.

Signs of an Advanced Learner

Some signs are easy to detect. Being far ahead of peers in a certain subject, learning to read early, and using a large vocabulary can indicate that a child is an advanced learner. They may also work very well independentlyperhaps they hole up in their bedroom flying through math lessons.

Children can often be filled with an endless stream of why is the sky blue type questions. But if your child is regularly inquisitive, it might be an indication that he or she could learn at a more advanced pace in his or her areas of interest. Maybe they read a book about dinosaurs and have a million questions about velociraptors. And if they’re rattling off dinosaur facts from that book it could also indicate that they’re an advanced learner.

Whatever their interests and aptitude, many students can benefit from advanced learning programs. You can learn more about what K¹² offers for advanced learners here.

In addition to taking advanced courses, K¹² students can take part in clubs and enrichment activities that feed their interest in particular areas, such as in-person sessions about dinosaurs or talking to professionals about a math career.

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