Military Children Make a Difference

April is the Month of the Military Child and has been “set aside to honor and celebrate the significance and resilience of military children and youth” as their parent or parents serve our nation. The military children of the world experience many unique challenges, including frequent moves, family separations through deployments, and reintegration.

These children are an inspiration and a source of pride for our nation. Through it all, military children learn to be flexible and adaptable. Whether they know it or not, they contribute to unit readiness and mission success for their military parents. They develop character and courage, and make sacrifices daily.

Earlier this month, military’s top brass honored some very special military children, one from each service, plus the Coast Guard — for their resilience, strength of character and leadership at Operation Homefront’s 2014 Military Child of the Year awards gala.

The honorees included a girl who, at just 11 years old, started Bratpack 11. The organization supports children of military heroes nationwide by providing them with unforgettable experiences and connecting them with a network of support throughout childhood.

Some say military children are tough and resilient despite their hardships. Chief Chairman Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey has a different view.

“I think that our military kids are who they are because of the hardships,” he said, citing their adaptability, strength and ability to embrace diversity. “Kids become who they are because of what we ask them to do and because of what they see us do [and] see their moms and dads do.” These children are the nation’s future leaders, Dempsey noted. He said that ‘The … Military Children of the Year … [are] not satisfied just to be average – they want to make a difference.”

Many military families have discovered online education with K12 schools fits their particular needs and lifestyle.

As the month honoring these special families comes to a close, it seemed appropriate to publicize the benefits offered to military families throughout the year. Access to free summer campsscholarships and online education options help bring consistency to these students’ schooling.

We tip our hats in honor of military children and their families everywhere.

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