K12 in Haiti: Donated Learning Supplies Arrive

It has been one week since I said goodbye to the students and teachers at Union School in Haiti, and I miss them! However, they are supported by wonderful K¹² online teachers, as well as local Union School teachers who are working as K¹² program learning coaches to help guide them through the online curriculum daily. And, following much anticipation, the shipments of donated K¹² laptops and offline learning materials arrived. Marie described the excitement at the school surrounding the arrival of the materials: Christmas in Haiti in March! That is the feeling brought on by the delivery of the materials!

The K¹² online learning program is enhanced by offline activities and materials. This differentiates K¹² from other online curriculum providers. Union School students work with K¹² textbooks, science lab materials, classic novels and math manipulatives to provide a wholistic learning experience. Union School staff arrive early each morning to set up the laptops, wireless connection and learning materials before the students arrive so the students can delve right into their online learning program by 8 am.

Union School students are very fortunate. Although many of their classmates evacuated the country following the earthquake (the school’s population decreased from about 300 students to less than 40), all of the students survived the earthquake. Several of those evacuated students are actually enrolled full-time in the K¹² International Academy from their new locations in the United State and France.

Furthermore, Union School is one of the few schools in Haiti that has resumed operation following the disaster. The school’s administration and remaining teachers have been dedicated to the continuity of education for the students, and have worked tirelessly to make this a reality. They worked diligently to identify a new school environment that is safe for the students following the destruction done to their school building, and they have accessed an innovative education program to engage students daily. School director Marie Jean Baptiste, as well as her teachers and staff, deserve a grand applause for their efforts. They are driven by a passion to create a positive and challenging education experience for their students, even in the midst of disaster. K¹² employees share this passion. This is why, as Marie wrote in a recent note: K¹², our life long partner! I look forward to evolving our partnership with Union School for decades to come.

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