Tim Tebow, Homeschooling, Socialization, and K12

What do NFL training camps and school enrollments make me think of? Tim Tebow. Why? Homeschooling and Socialization.

You might think Tim Tebow is a great quarterback or a horrible quarterback, you may or may not like him as an individual, but one thing that cannot be denied is that this well-known homeschooled athlete has socialization skills. How do I know this? He shows them off when he takes a nine year-old girl with cancer to an awards show, when he has to speak in front of thousands of people, and by the fact that he has the respect of his teammates in an NFL locker room. I think any parent would feel pretty good if their child grew up and was able to handle those situations so aptly.

Now, I know our K12 parents realize that schooling your child at home affords many opportunities for their child to socialize, but every day we have parents who are choosing to not enroll their kids with K12 because they are worried about their children having issues developing socialization skills.

Everyone knows Tim Tebow’s story, but would you share yours to help ease the minds of those parents hesitant to choose K12 because of the perceived lack of socialization?  How do you ensure your children get out there and socialize? Do you participate in any clubs?  Other thoughts on homeschooling and socialization?

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