I want to be forthcoming; I used to own one…18 years ago. I don’t know what happened to it, but I don’t think I wore it more than once…and that was before I had kids.

I don’t wear a denim jumper.

Neither do I wear a bandana. I never used a baby sling and I’ve never, ever ground my own grain to make flour. I’ve never had a home birth, nor do I cook for a month and freeze it. I don’t live on a farm and milk goats, nor do I shun TV or plastic toys. You might do any of those things though…or not.

My four children do argue, my house is usually a mess and I don’t know how to sew much more than a straight line or a button. I can’t knit (and my crocheting is nothing fancy…a yearly scarf, perhaps) and while I can make bread, I do buy bags at the discount bread store. Kraft Mac and Cheese is a staple in our house and my kids often prefer it to my “homemade” version. My kids are not shy, do lots of social activity and not locked in the closet during the day. Some kids are, mine aren’t.

What I’m trying to say is that the stereotypes about home educators don’t apply to my family…nor do they apply to the vast majority of home educators… not any MORE than they would apply to you.

We’re probably more like you than we are like the stereotype, and we’ve schooled our kids at home for 14-plus years now. If we can do it…you can, too. So, feel free to consider the possibility without feeling like you have to be a certain type or kind of person or family.

What am I SURE I have in common with you? I want to provide the very best educational opportunity for my kids, so that they can be and do whatever it is they want to as adults. Pretty basic, right? So, if you’re reading this site (hoping no one else finds out) …or hoping to find a good reason why you CAN’T school your kids at home, I’m sorry. I know you’re there…and I want you to know …even without the denim jumper…you CAN.

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