Online Learning from a Student’s Perspective

It’s encouraging for parents to hear from their children how much they love school. That’s what parents of students at Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy are hearing. Learning virtually often comes with a stigma that its students might not be as connected to the classroom as students would in brick-and-mortar schools. But for students attending Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy, that is not the case.

“What’s amazing is LAVCA feels like a family,” said Justin H., a Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy junior. “The teachers genuinely care, the staff they really want to set you up for success, it’s pretty awesome.”

You’ll hear similar thoughts from students across the country. For Justin, online learning at Louisiana Virtual Charter School, a Louisiana public school, has given him a better opportunity to seek a career path. Thanks to the career prep opportunities through his K12-powered school, he discovered that he was passionate about filmmaking. It also allowed him to earn a scholarship after participating in the school’s e-sports club, which, in addition to helping him with his future, also taught him social and team-building skills. It’s just one-way online learning differs from homeschooling.

“It’s definitely not like traditional homeschooling because it’s still a public school just online,” said Justin. “So, it helps you be organized. It definitely has a lot of opportunities for your kid’s future,”

Students and families make the switch to online learning for several reasons. One reason many families make the switch to online learning is because of academic performance. Traditional brick-and-mortar schools might not be the best environment for all students to learn in.

“My grades have been way better than they were in brick-and-mortar schools because there are more opportunities to do everything. There are external websites to practice on,” said Lexi S., a freshman at Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy.

Lexi’s family decided to move their children to online learning at Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy because of a bullying issue her sister was dealing with. She is now in an environment where she feels she can thrive because of the flexibility of the class schedule and the available resources at her disposal if she is having difficulty with a particular subject.

If enrolling your young child into an online school, check out our resources available to help you find the right fit for your child.

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