Get It Done: 5 Secrets to Success Tips

We asked teachers, parents, educational influencers, and experts what their secret to success is and how they ensure to GID (Get It Done). Here’s what they had to say:

“Make the best use of time. I always try to beat deadlines. It is not a good idea to put off things. Keep lists of things that need to be done and the date they are due. Now, you can use tech devices to give you reminders. Set goals, reflect on them, and don’t let up until they are accomplished.”

-Jerry Blumengarten, educator-speaker-writer  @cybraryman1


headshot“My favorite tip for success is MAKE A LIST! Keeping up is much easier than catching up, so stay on top of things by making lists.

Make a list before getting started for the week. Monday morning, make a “Week List.” Make a box for each day, and fill it with the assignments due, meetings, activities, etc. Then every day, make a “Day List” with more specific goals. Include your chores, the things you would like to do if you have time, and details on working ahead for due dates. Sometimes, I like to outline my day hour by hour so that I can give myself goals in order to avoid wasting time. This will also be a motivator because you can mark the tasks off the list and see your productivity through the day!”

-Tiffany Jo Bannister, Alumna of K12‘s IDVA


“Stay positive, and enjoy what you’re doing! I try to always be positive and helpful when working with students, parents, and colleagues, but, more importantly, I enjoy working as a guidance counselor. Not only do we have a great team, but I enjoy being able to support students and families and help them reach their goals.”

Andrea Hagen, Guidance Counselor at K12‘s CAVA


anne“Answer all emails immediately, pencil out time for big projects, and answer all phone calls. I am a big list-maker, and I need this to function within our quick-paced world.”

-Anne Kahn, Lead Guidance Counselor at K12‘s CAVA



“Foster positive relationships. Relationships matter most because most of us work with other people. Focus on the relationships you have with your co-workers just like you do in your family. Through good relationships, you learn what knowledge and skills different people have and they learn about you. This is the foundation for effective collaboration in the workplace.

Relationships also mean that you do what you say you will do on time and at the required level of quality. Nothing can ruin a relationship faster than false promises or shoddy products. In order to meet deadlines, I find it extremely helpful to keep my work priorities front and center. I usually start each week with a list of priorities and check them off as I move through the week. Of course priorities do change from time to time and I adjust my “to-do list” accordingly. I also check in with my customers (internal and external) and members of my direct team to be sure I am still on track with the collective understanding of the work. Think of this as formative assessment helping to ensure that the final product is spot on.”

-Margaret Jorgensen, Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer of K12

What is your secret to success? How do you get it done? Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @LearningLiftoff.

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