Online Student Brightens Lives of Young Cancer Patients

‘Kenna’s Fun Arts and Crafts Drive’ provides art supplies to hospitals in Toledo, Ohio

Ohio Virtual Academy student Holden Benfield has decided to give back. He is helping his friend, Kenna, on a project she started to benefit kids with cancer in their community. Kenna was motivated to help after her friend, Tiana, passed away from cancer in 2011.

To take it to the next level, Holden has decided to collect art supplies for the kids from around Ohio. He will first reach out to other K12 schools in Ohio—aiming to get every county on the map. After that, he will ask around the country. The art supplies will go to two hospitals in Toledo.

Holden chose art supplies to help keep kids busy and having fun—hoping to brighten their days.

You can check out their Kenna’s Fun Arts and Crafts Drive on Facebook to help, and you can also donate supplies by mailing them to:

Kenna’s Fun Arts and Crafts Drive
c/o Northwest Real Estate
P. O. Box 156
Defiance, OH 43512

Is your child interested in giving back in their community? The National Day of Service is coming up in January—that might be the perfect time to dive into helping others.

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