This Is What Happens on a Daddy-Daughter Date Night

Few things in life compare to the moment when a father first holds his baby girl in his arms, so tiny and so delicate. As she looks up into his eyes, a daddy can’t help but have his heart melt and know that this little princess will have him wrapped around her finger the rest of his life.

As this beautiful baby grows into a young woman, her world is opened to all kinds of new experiences, emotions, and relationships. Some of these will be wonderful and become memories she will treasure, but others will become burdens she must overcome or bear for the rest of her life. As a father, you try to only expose her to the good and to always shield her from the bad. Unfortunately, that can’t always be the case.

So what is a daddy to do to prepare his little girl for the world ahead?

Dating your daughter may sound like a strange concept, or it may be one that you have already been doing regularly. Either way, the importance of a consistent daddy-daughter date night cannot be underestimated. The value of that time spent together, the memories created, and lessons learned will be carried with her for a lifetime and visible in her life in many ways.

She Will Feel How Much You Love Her

You may say it all the time, but does your daughter know just how much you love her? Has she seen it in your actions? Devoting special time, just the two of you, to go out and do something fun together will speak to her heart in ways words just can’t always express.

She Will Set Her Standards High

The way you treat her on your date will show her what to expect from any future dates when she is older. It may seem antiquated, but little things like opening a door or bringing her flowers will prove to her how valued she is and how she should expect anyone to treat her. Even if she doesn’t want those specific gestures in the future, she will want someone who makes her feel prized and special because that is what she has been taught.

She Will Know What Respect Looks Like

With every word you say and the tone in which you say it, you are teaching your daughter how she should be treated. If you speak harshly to her, then she will think that is what she deserves. If you speak to her kindly and with encouraging and respectful words, then she will realize that no one should ever speak to her condescendingly or put her down. Emotional abuse is a dangerous and prevalent monster in some relationships, and how a father speaks to a daughter is an indicator of the level she learns to tolerate. Teach her zero tolerance.



When it comes time for your daddy-daughter date night, think in terms of places that she would enjoy. What are her interests or hobbies? Does she play any sports? Is she more of an introvert or extrovert? Is she physically active or more of a reader? Is there anything new she has been wanting to try?

This is an excellent way to get to know your daughter better as you discuss with her what she would like to do. If you have run out of places to go, here are a few fun and creative date night ideas.

A Tea Party

Every princess loves a tea party, and there are many authentic places you can go to have a true tea time. Buy her a pretty dress, get dressed up yourself, and pretend like this is the best cup of tea you’ve ever had. If you don’t have anywhere like this in your town, decorate a room in your house and set up your own tea party.

Sporting Event

Without the expense and hassle of a major sporting event, many towns have local teams or high school games where you and your daughter can go to cheer and yell together. Who knows? This may spark her interest and turn into a sport she takes on herself.

Painting & Pottery

Shops where you can go and learn how to paint a picture or create pottery are popping up all over the country. While this may not be your favorite way to spend an evening, this will result in irreplaceable bonding as you laugh together over your mistakes and create a masterpiece you both will treasure because of the memories from that night.

Hike & Trails

If you both love the outdoors, go explore a local trail. This will create moments where you can encourage her to try harder, to go one step further, and to not be scared of pushing her limits. Nature provides the perfect backdrop for picnics and learning time as you discover all that the trails have in store.


Is your daughter a history buff? Does she love art? Consider a visit to a museum or gallery for an educational date night which will open her eyes to all sorts of new knowledge and creativity.



With all this said, don’t think you are off the hook if you have sons! Raising boys to be gentlemen and teaching them how to treat a lady is just as important.

[Tweet “Men will come and go in your daughter’s life, but you as her daddy are the constant.”]

Nobody can replace you, the memories you create together, or the lessons she learns from you. You will be the first man she ever looked up to, back to that moment when you first gazed into your baby girl’s eyes, and she will keep looking up to you as her daddy the rest of her life.

Have you been on a daddy-daughter date night? Comment below with your most memorable date night.

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