12 Education Blogs We Love

As parents, you’re constantly scouring the web for the the freshest ideas, infographics, news, videos, and more around education. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the information available – and while there are so many education blogs out there, we found ourselves coming back to a select few again and again. Today, we’ve rounded up 12 of our standout favorites.



1. Education.com has 6 million visitors each month, and for good reason – it’s a go-to destination for involved parents. From Interactive Education through Summer Learning, Education.com gives parents the information they need and the ideas they want to help their kids reach their full potential and make learning fun.


2. Middle school science teacher, Darren Fix, entertains with science lessons and experiments on his blog, Science Fix. Watch lessons and video demonstrations like using a jellyfish to learn genetic engineering. Fix says, “Posting stimulates my creativity and leads to new ideas. It’s a positive experience in a profession that unfortunately dwells on the negative too much.”

A Year of Reading

3. Stay up to date with reviews of new children’s books from teachers Franki Sibberson and Mary Lee Hahn on their blog, A Year of Reading. The help to pinpoint possible readers as well as how a book might be used in lessons.


4. Edutopia empowers you to improve K-12 education through innovative, replicable, and evidence-based strategies that prepare students to thrive in their studies, careers, and adult lives.  These blogs provide practical classroom strategies and tips from real educators, as well as lesson ideas, personal stories, and innovative approaches to improving your teaching practice.


5. Youth Voices allows students and their teachers to participate in a “colossal ongoing discussion about everything” via podcasts, videos, and blogs. This blog turns the typical student-teacher relationship on its head with both parties acting as equals and learning from each other. Youth of all ages voice their passions, explain things they understand well, wonder about things they have just begun to understand, and create discussions with other young people using as many different genres and media types.

About Pioneer Woman   Confessions of a Pioneer Woman   Ree Drummond

6. The Pioneer Woman discusses the adventures of homeschooling four children on an isolated cattle ranch, holds regular “Smartypants” trivia quizzes so readers can test their brain matter, and shares Words of the Day, interesting trivia, and occasional brainteasers.


7. Teach Mama started in 2008, and is writen by Reading Specialist, writer, consultant, and mom, Amy Mascott. Her blog shares tools and resources empowering parents to become the best teachers for their children.


8. A Parent in America is written by a mother of three who brings parents everywhere a lifestyle blog that aims to motivate her readers to laugh or try something new, and find greater joy in their own families.


9. Stimeyland is a blog written by a mother of three neurodiverse kids with autism, ADHD, and SPD. She gives a unique perspective on autism, and officially joined the autism spectrum herself when she was diagnosed with Asperger’s in early 2012.

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10. Tech Savvy Mama helps parents navigate the ever-changing world of technology by using the author’s experience using select software and online resources. Whether you’re looking for information about new devices, educational apps, new social media tools, or hot tech tips, this is the place for you.


11. Education Week started as a newspaper in 1981, but took on a hybrid print-online approach in 1996. Through the years, Editorial Projects in Education (EPE) remains true to its mission of raising the level of understanding and discourse on critical issues in American education. These blogs cover a variety of topics from Charters and School Choice to Politics and Policies, so there really is something for everyone. 


will do

12. We are Teachers is a blog that provides endless amounts of resources for teachers. From lessons to hot topics, this site is a great resource for educational insight for parents who want to expand their child’s education beyond the classroom.

What education blogs do you follow? Share them with us in the comments below.

Image Credit – Till Westermayer / CC by 2.0

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