Best TED Ed Lessons of 2014

In the past few months, I’ve selected my favorites among thousands of TED Ed lessons; everything from how elephants never forget to why the same food costs different amounts around the world. So they are essentially what I would consider the best TED Ed lessons of 2014.

But there’s an easy way to explore the best of TED Ed lessons, and pick out your favorites from 2014. The TED team has grouped together many lessons in various series, so you can discover great learning on your own.

There are a total of 39 series. Each of these contains a variety of lessons; from just one or two, to as many as 30! The topics range far and wide, and you can see the list of all 39 on this page.

And, to make it even easier to explore, I’ve broken the 39 series into five intriguing categories, with links to each one:

[column size=one_half position=first ]

Life Lessons

Everyone Has a Story

The Big Questions

The Way We Think

What Will You Do with Your Life?

You Graduated…Now What?

Click Your Fortune

Things They Don’t Teach in School (But Should)

Exploring Issues and History

Our Changing Climate

Ecofying Cities

How Things Work

Ingenuity in the Developing World

Government: Declassified

Questions No One (Yet) Knows the Answers To

The World’s People and Places

Troubleshooting the World

You Are What You Eat


Cyber-Influence & Power

Mastering Tech Artistry


Science & Math

Actions and Reactions

Awesome Nature

Before and After Einstein

Discovering the Deep

Exploring Theories

Getting Under Our Skin

Inventions that Shape History

Making the Invisible Visible

Math in Real Life

Mind Matters

Out of This World

Periodic Videos

Superhero Science

Design, Arts & Letters

Animation Basics

Mysteries of Vernacular

Playing with Language

Behind the Curtain

The Writer’s Workshop

Reading Between the Lines

The Artist’s Palette

Visualizing Data

I look forward to featuring more of my favorite TED Ed lessons in the new year. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Learning Liftoff’s Best of 2014 series. Happy 2015!

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