Harry Potter and the Study of Five Latin Spells

Fans of the Harry Potter literary series and movies alike have probably noticed how much thought and research JK Rowling put into her mystical masterpiece. While Harry Potter and Ron Weasley may not have taken advantage of all of the educational opportunities available to them at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, their mastery of spells that allowed them to defeat he who shall not be named gave them entry-level knowledge of the Latin language. That means anyone who reads the series can gain that same knowledge with this handy translation guide.

The comprehension of the following spells would be imperative to members of Dumbledore’s Army as well as to anyone looking to ace an impending Latin quiz:


Harry Potter WIki

Latin Spell: Oculus Reparo

English Translation: Eye Repair

Use: Are you constantly breaking your glasses? Memorize this spell!




http://www.gurl.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/accio.gifLatin Spell: Accio

English Translation: I Summon

Use: Whether you need to summon your broom to outsmart an angry dragon or are too lazy to get up to grab the remote control that you left on the other side of the family room, this spell is for you.



via Tumblr
via Tumblr

Latin Spell: Confundus (Latin root: Confundo)

English Translation: To Confuse

Use: Trick Death Eaters into forgetting their mission or make your brother believe it’s his turn to set the table for dinner.


Harry Potter Wiki

Latin Spell: Expecto Patronum

English Translation: Protector

Use: We all know that muggles can’t see dementors but if you find them

roaming through Little Whinging or your home town, conjure your personal protector using the Expecto Patronum spell.




Credit: Tumblr

Latin Spell: Imperio

English Translation: To Rule

Use: Maybe don’t memorize this spell that gives its conjurer complete control over another. It is, after all, an unforgivable curse.





Muggles, witches and wizards may want to learn more about the etymology of the spells taught at Hogwarts and quiz themselves online. Are you looking to study Latin or another foreign language? K12 online public schools provide opportunities to learn foreign languages starting in elementary school. Looking to supplement your learning with individual courses? K12 also offers several individual courses for purchase, including world languages.


Image Credit – Sarah Buckley / CC by 2.0


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