Six Tips For Keeping Up With College Deadlines 

It’s your senior year of high school, and you’re juggling multiple social events, tests, extracurricular activities, and college deadlines. From prom and high school games to financial aid and college applications, there’s a lot to stay on top of. 

So, what can you do to keep track of all the important college deadlines and make sure you don’t miss the chance to apply to your top-choice colleges? To help you get organized, we’ve created a list of tips for keeping up with important deadlines as you prepare for the college application process

  • Create a calendar: Write down the application deadlines for each college, testing dates, financial aid deadlines, and any other important dates related to the application process. Put your calendar somewhere prominent, so you are reminded frequently of important upcoming deadlines.
  • Set reminders: Use your phone or computer to set reminders, and don’t turn them off until you’ve completed the task.
  • Prioritize deadlines: Work in chronological order of what’s due first. If multiple tasks are due on the same day, figure out which deadlines are the most important, and work on those first. Let’s say you are applying for a scholarship and to a college and the applications are due on the same day—work on the college application first.
  • Break down the application process: A college application can feel like a huge undertaking but breaking it down into smaller tasks can make it more manageable. Create a checklist of everything you need to do for each application and set deadlines for each task.
  • Don’t procrastinate: Don’t add to your stress by pushing off your work. Procrastination can lead to missed deadlines and unnecessary anxiety, so start working on your applications as early as possible to avoid last-minute rushes.  
  • Seek help: If you are having trouble keeping up with deadlines, don’t be afraid to seek help from your school counselor or a trusted adult. They can provide support and guidance to help you stay on track.  

Using these strategies can help you put a plan in place to tackle one task at a time, making the college application process more manageable. Don’t let yourself get stressed or overwhelmed by deadlines. The most important thing for you to do is to stay organized, and by doing so, you can bridge the gap between high school and college—one simple step at a time. 

For resources and information on preparing for college, visit the K12 College Prep Center.

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