“My Career Connections” Putting Students in Front of Potential Employers

As students in traditional brick-and-mortar schools progress through high school, there are often opportunities for them to meet local employers to learn more about internships and entry-level jobs. Students getting an online education have the same opportunities to learn about available employers. A series of online events has been created by K12 called “My Career Connections,” which brings together many national employers in retail, health, technology, and government agencies and allows students to speak with hiring managers about opportunities.

Participating organizations include Wayfair, CVS Health, Boeing, the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, and the U.S. National Security Agency, among others.

At these sessions, students can learn about internships, externships, train-to-hire, and entry-level job opportunities available to them starting at 16 years old. The goal is when students leave these sessions, they’ll know how to apply, what deadlines there might be, and how to put their best foot forward in their application. If a student needs help, success coaches are available to assist them throughout their journey.

Students also learn what a career path might look like in these industries. They’ll learn about day-to-day tasks and how employees advance within the company.

Although these sessions are geared toward high school students, middle school students are also encouraged to attend so that they can start to think about the different career fields that are out there. Information is also available to students with disabilities, and employers come and share what opportunities are out there for them.

“I’m so proud of our students at [K12] because they are uniquely positioned for opportunities such as these that we’re highlighting,” says Director of Partnership Development and Career Pathways, Dr. Sherri Wilson.

There is no cost for students to sign up and virtually attend these events. Visit this link for more information. If you want to hear more about the events from Dr. Wilson, check out our K12 On Learning podcast, available wherever you download your podcasts.

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