How to Succeed by Continuing Virtual School

By: Jessica Wiseman Lawrence

Today’s students have really gone through it due to the COVID19 pandemic- currently we are dealing with the second school year affected by the virus. The time off from the world gave us the gift of introspection, and this looking inward taught us more about ourselves- how we really want our lives to be. Learners have begun to re-think career choices as the world continues moving in the direction of remote jobs and remote education.

Starting in late March 2020, many students in brick-and-mortar schools found themselves learning in a hastily developed online school. Students and parents endured exhausting lessons and complicated online platforms. Now that restrictions are loosening, both parents and students find themselves asking, “What next?” when it comes to education options. For some students, the answer might just be to keep on with online learning, (just in a different school this time).

Students realized that the pandemic has had a lasting effect. They came to terms with the fact that working in the modern world looks very different from their parents’ experience. While many public schools may not have had time or resources to address this, Stride k12’s educational program has been in place for two decades and could pivot quickly as COVID19 spread across the US.

Stride k12 is a public online school offered to all students, all over the country. Stride’s online Career Prep program is exciting online option for middle- and high school students. Career Prep coaches encourage students to explore career paths while building on their unique talents, and they encourage students to thrive in the face of change as well.

In addition to the Career Prep program, students at Stride k12 can participate in the Student Advisory Council. These hard-working, highly accomplished students gain real-world experience, all while still in high school. What advice do career coaches offer? That it’s important to investigate different career paths, even if they are different from what you want now. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into just one job category! Get to know people who work in different professions; ask them questions and expand your networking skills.

Stride k12 internships assist people to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for certificates and qualifications. That’s good in a time when many other companies have had to cut internships after an economic downturn. It’s advised to participate in as many internships as possible to see first-hand what jobs fit with your skillset.  When you become an adult, you don’t have to say good-bye to the things you’re already good at. In fact, you can build your future around them! Yes, it is important to succeed, but Stride k12 counselors, teachers, and coaches make sure you don’t lose yourself during the process.

What other advice is important for today’s young people? It’s important to stay calm. Being anxious and questioning yourself is not going to help, period. Relax in the face of adversity. Take time and practice self-care. Don’t worry about “wasting time” by being gentle with yourself- working while calm and well-rested is productive. Working while stressed and tired is not. You are living in tough times. We all are. However, with hard work and guidance, you can accomplish what many people don’t- obtaining a career that fulfills you and makes the world a better place.

So, now you know how the importance of moving on and staying calm. Another piece of advice? Be flexible. Don’t force it! Yes, you need to work hard and have connections to make it in the world. You might think you have everything mapped out, but be prepared for when what seems permanent falls apart. Your dream didn’t work out? It’s time to tweak that dream or make a new one.

Many families had never experienced online learning before March 2020. Soon, brick-and-mortar attempts at virtual schooling will be put away like old textbooks on a shelf. However, students and parents have a choice for what comes next. Personalized, free, career-focused virtual schools like Stride k12 have room for you this fall. Why not start over?


“The journey is never ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.”

Antonio Brown, renowned American football wide receiver


For more information and available programs please visit Stride Career Prep.

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